Terms and Conditions

Hire Agreement

All groups or individuals hiring the Malmsbury Town Hall shall firstly complete the ‘Malmsbury Town Hall Hire Form’ which shall be signed by the responsible person.  This applies to casual and regular hirers.

We do not hire the hall for fundraising purposes to bodies or individuals who are not registered under the auspices of CAV and ACNC or other registered bodies.

The Hire Form shall be lodged with the relevant Committee of Management (COM) who shall keep a record of all bookings.

The hirer may only enter the facility during the times agreed with the relevant COM.  If the hirer breaches this condition and enters the facility outside the agreed time, the COM reserves the right to terminate the Hire Agreement and/or charge the additional hire fee.

Hire Fees and Payment

The hire fee for Malmsbury Town Hall including Bond and Public Liability Fee must be paid in full, prior to use.  Full payment of all fees must be paid at least 2 weeks prior to the scheduled date of hire.  Cancellation of any booking may occur if this 2 week period is breached.

Fees vary dependant on the part of the hall you are hiring and there are several means of payment available.  Please contact our Bookings Officer for hall hire fees and payment (0408 336 352).


Hirers of Malmsbury Town Hall are required to pay a bond.  This bond acts as security against damage to property or for breach of any part of the hire agreement.

The bond must be paid in full, along with the hire charges and public liability charges at least 2 weeks prior to the first scheduled date of hire.  If this 2 week period is breached, cancellation of any booking may occur.

The bond and any key charges will be returned via bank transfer details as supplied by the hirer.  The bond will be returned within 3 to 4 weeks of the conclusion of the bookings, provided there is no damage or missing equipment, the facility and surrounding grounds are left clean and the facility key is returned.


If any damage occurs to the Malmsbury Town Hall, its facilities, equipment or surrounding grounds during use, the cost of the damage as estimated by the COM/Macedon Ranges Shire Council, shall be final without right of appeal and such amount shall be paid by the hirer immediately upon request.

Where the cost of the damage is equal to or less than the bond, the amount will be subtracted from the bond (if applicable).  Where it is more than the bond, the bond will be withheld and an invoice will be sent for the balance.


The Bookings Officer will provide the hiree with a Cleaning Agreement form and Final Check form, which is to be completed and returned with the keys at the conclusion of the scheduled event.

It is the responsibility of the hiree to ensure that the areas of use are left in a clean and tidy state before leaving the premises of the scheduled booking.  Should the premises be left in an unsatisfactory state, the COM will bring in cleaning staff and the cost shall be passed on to the hiree.

Cleaning of Community Halls is required prior to leaving the site.  Whilst the activities scheduled within the building must cease by 12.00 pm on Friday and Saturday, cleaning of the site is permitted between 12.00 pm to 1.00 am.  Activities on Sunday through to Thursday must cease by 9.00 pm and cleaning of the site is permitted between 9.00 pm to 10.00 pm.  Only those persons who are involved in the cleaning are permitted to remain on site.

Should the hiree continue to leave the premises in an unsatisfactory state, the COM reserves the right to terminate the hire agreement.

No Smoking

There is a no smoking policy for all Community Halls in the Macedon Shire ranges.  The responsible person must ensure that this policy is enforced at all times.

After Hours Emergency Telephone Number

In case of an emergency, call Council’s After Hours Emergency contact number 1300 656 577 (pager service) and follow the prompts.  This number is to be used in emergency situations only.  Macedon Ranges Shire Council reserves the right to determine what an emergency situation consists of.  Council can be contacted during business hours on 03 5422 0333.


The sale of, or BYO alcohol at a Council facility is not permitted unless an appropriate liquor license has been obtained.  The Hirer must obtain an appropriate license and provide a copy of such to the COM before the date of the proposed hire.  For more information on Liquor Licensing, visit https://liquor.justice.vic.gov.au


Hirers that are granted permission to use the hall shall not assign the right of use to any person, organisation or body.

Adult Supervision

Hirers must be over the age of 18 years and where functions are attended by persons under the age of 18 years, the hirer will be the person responsible for actively supervising the function.  The person completing the Hire Form and whose signature appears on the same is subject to these terms and conditions.  Proof of identity must be provided.


A stage and specific number of chairs and tables are available at the venue and are to be returned to their storage area and stowed in a safe manner after usage, so as to ensure that access to the other property in the storage area is not obstructed when stacking chairs and trestles.  The hiree is responsible for the setting up, packing up and safe handling of equipment.  Other equipment supplied by the users must be removed at the end of the period booked and is not to cause any damage to the facility.


An amount of crockery, cutlery, cooking utensils, urn, stove and a fridge are available for use at the hall.  If used these items are to be cleaned and returned in their respective storage areas.  The hiree will need to provide glasses and any additional crockery and cutlery required.


When decorating the venue, the hiree is to use the approved materials for fastening streamers, balloons, etc and shall not stick tape or nail pins or any other fasteners onto any wooden, plaster or painted wall surfaces.  Blue tack, string and cable ties are allowed.  No tape of any kind is to be used.


It is a policy of the COM/Macedon Ranges Shire Council that all regular user groups using a Community Hall must take out Public Liability Insurance coverage to a minimum value of $10,000,000 in relation to legal liability to third parties for death or personal injury or loss or damage to property.  All regular user groups must provide the COM with a current copy of the Certificate of Currency before any hire request can be approved.

For small one off hires, the COM/Macedon Ranges Shire Council will provide one off Public Liability Insurance coverage only at a cost of $20.00.  This charge is additional to any hall hire fees.  Please note, the user group will be responsible for an excess payment of $250 in regards to any claim made.  These types of groups should provide their own insurance.  This cover provides small one off hirers an indemnity of $10,000,000 in relation to legal liability to third parties for death or personal injury or loss or damage to property.  Please note that this policy only covers the hirer and not any persons such as performers who may be engaged by the hirer.  They will need their own cover.

All users must provide to the COM a copy of current Public Liability Insurance coverage to a minimum value of $10,000,000 before any booking is valid.

The hiree shall be responsible for any accident, loss or damage, or any injury sustained by any person or persons using any part of a Community Hall and its facilities and equipment during the currency of the hiring.  Any equipment or articles brought onto the premises by the hiree are on the premises at the hiree’s own risk.  The COM and Macedon Ranges Shire Council will not be held liable.


There are no keys directly issued.  When booking is confirmed you will be advised of a temporary Access Code that you will need to open the key box and then enter the building.

The hiree is responsible for opening up and locking up.  All doors and windows to the building are to be locked on leaving the premises. The key is to be returned to the  key box using the code given.  Completed Cleaning Agreement and Final Check documents need to be finalised.

If your function ends outside of business hours, please make arrangements with the Booking Officer to drop off the documents.


The responsible person is to ensure that all participants are restricted to the hire area and do not disturb activities in other areas.  The Shire Council or COM reserves the right to let any other portion of the building for any other purposes at the same time.

Hours and Curfew

The responsible person must ensure that your function is restricted to the designated hiring times and is to allow leeway if extra time is required.  The event must cease no later than midnight.

The curfew is standard across all of Council’s Community Halls.  The curfew means that the scheduled activities within the Community Hall must cease by the curfew time.  Bookings have one hour after curfew to clean up the facility.

Day                                                        Function Curfew                              Clean Up Only

Sunday to Thursday                        9.00 pm                                                10.00 pm

Friday and Saturday                        12.00 pm                                                1.00 am

Booking Cancellation

Hirers who have been provided a confirmed booking/s are required to notify the COM of cancellation/s a minimum of 7 days prior to the confirmed hire date.  Failure to provide this notification within 7 days will result in the hirer being invoiced the full hire fee as specified in the relevant hire fee schedule unless another hirer uses the facility/area during the hirers original cancelled hire period.

On Leaving The Premises, Ensure That:

  • Lights are off (except external security lights where applicable)
  • Heaters/air conditioners are off
  • The facility is left clean and tidy
  • All doors and windows are closed and locked
  • All rubbish is removed from the site
  • Tables and chairs are returned and neatly stacked in, if applicable, the designated storage area.